Research a Disease (Swine Flu)

Research and type a 500-word essay on a disease/syndrome from the list. Topics are assigned on a first come basis so email your choice as soon as possible. Once the topic has been assigned, you will have to choose another unassigned topic. You must email the topic that you choose to research to me prior to conducting the research/writing. 2. You will be assessed on your ability to concisely describe the history, symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, and future research of a disease/syndrome in your own words (paraphrase). Reference the author/s at the end of each paraphrased sentence. This paper should contain no more than two sentence quotes. 3. Prepare your assignment using Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format. Spell and grammar check the document. Proofread your assignment. Use Times New Roman or Arial theme fonts size 11-12 and double-space the document. 4. Include at least 3 references. Cite all references using MLA format. Use references from peer-reviewed sources

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