Instructions Overview Excess weight causes imbalances that result in medical conditions that impact both the respiratory and digestive systems. Bariatric surgical procedures can promote weight loss through a combination of restricting the amount of food the stomach can hold and malabsorption. Furthermore, surgery can improve obesity-related comorbidities. Submit your assignment here. Detailed instructions for this assignment are found in the Module 3 Assignment: Research and Report section of this module. Instructions Imagine you are a physician preparing a talk detailing the impact of obesity on the respiratory and digestive systems. Prepare a written paper of at least 1000 words that examines the following bullet points: What regulatory mechanisms (both physical and chemical) help maintain homeostasis in the respiratory and digestive systems? How does excess weight cause imbalances that result in medical conditions? What are the physiological impacts of the three different types of bariatric surgeries (gastric band, gastric sleeve, and gastrointestinal bypass)? Your paper should be formatted as a proper research paper with an introduction and conclusion. Do not simply follow the bullet points above, but really think about what you have learned and how that relates to other material we have covered, and knowledge you have from other courses you may have taken. The Research and Report assignments in this course are capstone assignments for each module. You should be integrating everything that you learned in the textbook, explorations, discussions, and lab activities into your papers. All references must be cited using APA Style format. Please refer to the CCCOnline APA Citation Toolkit. Use what you have learned from this module to complete the assignment. In some cases, you may need to conduct additional research. See the Grading and Evaluation section in the Syllabus module for links to research databases in the CCCOnline Library.

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