religious tradition

Term Paper (Final Essay)Each student will select an aspect of one of the religious traditions studied in this course, and write a critical paper of full five pages (minimum 1500 words excluding title and reference pages). The student should frame a topic that is of interest to her/him. It could involve library research and internet research. It could be a historical paper or a more theoretical paper addressing some of the literature. It could be a fieldwork paper-based, for example, on a virtual visit to Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Daoist or Buddhist temple/monastery or museums Therefore, each student has the responsibility of posing the question that will guide her/his research. Depending on the topic that is chosen, the sources could be the libraries (periodicals, newsletter, videos, tapes, and books) and the internet. Students may extend and deepen the same topic, which s/he has done in-class presentation.

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