Reflective Personal Commentary

doing a video essay of my course and the topics from my unit. I’ll be sending some sources through and information that you need to you. Please read all the documents below. My course: Bachelor visual arts/Bachelor of secondary teaching 

Also please include this vocab list:

– aphorism= a pithy (a subsatnce of) observation which contains a general truth 

– antifragility = reiliences + getting stronger after pressure e.g Muscules (weight lifting = making it stronger)

– Don’t look at the sun, look beyond it 

– Nihilism = rejection of all religious and moral prinicples (life is meaningless) 

– Hedonic adaptation = our tendency to adapt to new situations to maintain stable emotional equilibrium 


Module 1 with teaching: 

The Globalization of Catholic Social Teaching

Golemboski, David; Shields, Kathleen ; Handel, Cheryl

Journal of Catholic social thought, 2015, Vol.12 (1), p.87-108

Module 2 with teaching: 

First edition., 2022The politics of knowledge in inclusive development and innovation

Ludwig, David, editor.

Module 1: Catholic social thought principles:

Illuminating Dark Times – Rowland 

Human Dignity: 

Common Good:

Module 2: Ubuntu Module: 

Ubuntu Empowering Mothers Project – Mama Veronica’s story


The Conversation

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