Reflection paper


Reflection Paper

Students will write a two page reflection paper written from a personal perspective answering the following questions. 

Students will write and submit to Canvas a personal reflection paper structured along the following questions (please number your responses accordingly):

1. What are the main knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) associated with workplace success? How do these KSAs help meet the organizational challenges of modern organizations? Please justify your answer with examples, as feasible.

2. Has this program met your needs for the knowledge, skills, and abilities included in question 1? If so, please explain where. If no, please explain what is missing. yes 

3. How do you see your Administration degree assisting you in attaining your personal/professional goals?

4. Are there plans for further education?

yes, obtain my masters of business administration at Barry University

5. Did the overall degree program meet your expectations? yes and beyond 

6. Where there any particular courses in the degree program that you feel were especially beneficial to you? Why?

yes, all of my adm courses 

7. Do you have any suggestions or recommendations for improving the program?

8. Is there anything else not covered in the above questions that you think Barry U, or your instructor should know? nothing besides i loved the program and my time at barry

All reflection papers are collected, students names are removed, and they are sent to a BS ADM faculty to assess for program quality and continuous improvement.

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