Reflect on how you would make a decision


  • Unit 7: Reading Assignments [Attachment]
  • Ktalmassov, K. (2019, April 3). Hierarchical Bayesian Modeling in R for marketing program evaluation.
  • PyMC Developers. (2020, November 1). A Bayesian approach to media mix modeling by Michael Johns & Zhenyu Wang. [Video] YouTube. 

For the ESSAY:

  • Reflect on how you would make a decision by 
    • identifying several important criteria, 
    • their weights, 
    • and the scoring of several alternatives. 
  • Explain which alternative would be preferred according to the Bayesian approach. 
  • Which would be preferred by a conjunctive approach?
  • Which would be more appropriate? and why?

***Note: Be sure to use in-text citation and provide references for your sources, including textbooks. 

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