Real Estate Law Report

You will do a research report on a federal or state law of your choice. The law must govern real estate or real estate transactions. In your report you must: 1) brief breakdown of the law: what does it govern and in which way does it govern (e.g. a disclosure, a training course, a fee, etc.), what year was it enacted, is it a state (what state) or a federal law 2) describe the underlying purpose of the law, i.e. what is the law meant to do 3) is the law effective Your report, which you will submit to me, shall not be more than 4 (four) pages in length, 12-point font, 1-inch margins, and double-spaced. You are required to have a reference section (not included in your page count), and you should be certain to cite to your sources in-text as well. You are required to use APA citation formatting for your citations, both in-text and in your reference section.

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