Reading Assignment 6: Path Goal Theory

Overview_Path Goal Theory 

Overview: This week we examine the Path-Goal Theory, which proposes a motivation-based leadership theory. By accounting for leader behaviors, followers’ characteristics, settings, and circumstances, theories such as path-goal suggest that leaders must determine the best approach and/or formula for motivating their employees to reach specified goals. 


Activity 1: Readings 

• View Overview Video 

• View the PowerPoint 

• (Recommended Reading) – Corresponding optional text chapter: Northouse Chapter 6

• (Optional Reading) – Shared Leadership and Gender: All members are equal…but some more than others. (LINK) 

• (Optional Reading) – Motivation related to work: A century of progress. (LINK) 

Activity 2: Assignment (Required)

Corresponding Assignment 

This is a two-part prompt: 

 1. Keeping your workplace (or intended workplace in mind), create what you believe would be an ideal style/formula for a leader to motivate their subordinates to achieve desired goals. Specifically, be sure to discuss the leader’s behavior (e.g., directive, supportive, participative, achievement-oriented), followers’ characteristics (e.g., need for affiliation, preference for structure, etc.), and lastly, the task characteristics (repetitive, weak group norms, etc.). Be sure to describe the workplace setting and the position of the leader for whom you are creating this formula/approach. For example, in an academic setting, an achievement-oriented leader behavior may be ideal when followers have an internal locus of control and the task is characterized by weak formal authority. Please be sure to refer to the course materials to support your opinions in some manner during this paper. You may consider integrating other leadership approaches (e.g., trait, skill, behavioral, and situational leadership). Remember that leadership is multidimensional, and you can use different leadership perspectives to strengthen your arguments. 

 2. Please take a moment to complete the Path-Goal Leadership Questionnaire for this module (See Questionnaire below). Do your actual results coincide with what you expected your leadership style to be? If so, do you believe your past/present/future workplace could use this instrument? Why? If not, why do you think that is the case? 

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