pulmonary fibrosis


Case Study will be completed on a patient that you have treated or cared for, for at least 2 days ( any respiratory pulmonary fibrosis or asthma).

 A thorough and complete interview and assessment should be completed on your patient, if patient is unable to communicate, the family should be interviewed on behalf of the patient. 

 The case study should include:

 1. Appropriate patient information

 2. History 

3. Chief Complaint 

4. Present illness 

5. Treatment 

6. Respiratory Therapy Specifics 

7. Discharge/Prognosis/Conclusion 

8. Flow sheet outlining patient’s course of medical treatment Research should include Researched and grammatically correct presentation of the answers to categories 4, 5, 6, and 7 listed above. Typical Reference Sources: Medical Journals with our LRC to include but not be limited to: Respiratory Care, Respiratory Medicine, RT for Decision Makers in Respiratory Care, Journal of Respiratory Diseases, American Review of Respiratory Diseases, New England Journal of Medicine, JAMA. 

 Additionally medical websites from the publishers of the previously mentioned journals and textbooks like the following in our LRC are valuable sources of information:

 “Critical Thinking Cases in Respiratory Care”, and “Critical Thinking in Respiratory Care: A Problem-Based Learning Approach” Due Date Week8 Project Length

 • Must be a minimum of 3 typed pages (not including title page, works cited, or flow sheet) 

• Double spaced, standard type, one inch margins, Font: Arial 12 

• Must include a detailed summary and conclusion

 • At least three references are to be cited within the document

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