Psychology: Applied Behavior Analysis (Discussion WK8)

Discussion 8: Developing New Behaviors For this Discussion, you will evaluate a scenario of a child with ASD and analyze and discuss potential interventions that could help the child increase social interactions.Scenario:A high functioning 9-year-old child with autism spectrum disorder, Level 1 (i.e., IQ > 100, academic skills commensurate with age and grade placement) has apparent difficulty in initiating social interactions. Based on the scenario, search the internet to find research on procedures that have been used to effectively increase social skill behavior in children with ASD. ASSIGNMENT:Post an evaluation of each of the following interventions as a method of increasing social interaction: (a) imitation/modeling, (b) shaping, and (c) forward or backward chaining.  References:Cooper, J. O., Heron, T. E., & Heward, W. L. (2020). Applied behavior analysis (3rd ed.). Pearson. Chapter 21, “Imitation, Modeling, and Observational Learning” (pp. 527–539) Chapter 22, “Shaping” (pp. 540–556) Chapter 23, “Chaining” (pp. 557–580)Internet soruce must be .EDU  website.ello, please make sure you proved a plagiarism report once completed.

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