Protocol PowerPoint Presentation

You have been chosen as your nursing unit’s representative for a quality review team at your healthcare
system. The team has been asked to review technology used at the hospital in a protocol or process to
improve patient outcomes (for example: catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI), central
line-associated bloodstream infection (CLABSI), fall prevention, etc.).When choosing a protocol, think
about the types of technologies used to implement and/or perform the protocol. For this assignment,
you have been tasked with completing a review of the technologies used within one protocol. You will
need to create a PowerPoint presentation which describes the results of the critique you have
performed and recommendations to the group.
Describe and critique a protocol used on your healthcare unit using the guidelines listed below. Describe
the purpose and significance of the protocol and the technologies used. Determine if the technologies
used in the protocol communicate. Identify any gaps noted and provide recommendations. Identify
other stakeholders within the organization who should receive this feedback.
Length: The PowerPoint slide show is expected to be no more than 15 slides in length (not including the
title slide and reference list slide)
Assignment Guidelines:
Your presentation should include a title slide, an introduction slide, summary slide, and reference slide.
The title slide, introduction slide, and reference slide do not count towards the presentation slide
The introduction should briefly describe the purpose for this presentation. Identify a protocol used in
the healthcare setting you normally practice (if currently not practicing, find a protocol used in a
healthcare setting near you). The introduction should establish a professional tone for the presentation.
Discuss the following features of the protocol:
Provide a general description and significance of the protocol.
Describe how the protocol aligns with evidence-based practice (e. identify a minimum of 2 scholarly
articles that support/refute actions identified in the protocol)
Identify any technologies currently used by healthcare system to complete the actions in the protocols
Provide a brief description of each technology used in the protocol
Describe the purpose for the technology use (g. communication, assess information, etc.)
Describe if and how the technologies communicate among each other.
Describe how the nurse is able to access the information needed to complete the protocol.
What gaps in technology communicating with technology are noted after reviewing this information?
Summarize the analysis and offer recommendations to achieve better protocol results and improve the
use of technology within the protocol (e. what would one recommend to refine the protocol?)
What is the process to provide feedback of the recommendations in addition to your supervisor? (e.
practice committee, supervisor/manager, etc.)

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