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Please review the attached slides on the prospectus. This assignment will be due in an upcoming week (check your syllabus for the exact date), and I want you to feel comfortable with it. This assignment is not difficult, but it does have several components (six sections that you’ll provide in paragraph form). The lesson today will help you understand what is expected of you. I recommend, as always, that you take notes in your notebook. 

NOTE: If you have found a different topic from the one you used for the Preliminary Bibliography, feel free to use the new topic.  

Official Guidelines

Type of Research Paper: Argumentative

You are fighting for something. You will present a line of reasoning to assert a position on a current, debatable issue.  

When I’m going through the approvals process, I’ll ask, “what are you fighting for in this paper?”


Guidelines (cont’d):

2. Practical, minimum requirements:

a.5-6 pages (excluding Works Cited)

b.6 credible sources (1 book, 4 academic journals, 1 other/no general ref.)

c.All research must be no older than 5 years (see me for exceptions).

d.All research must be photo submitted with an author trace (highlighted, paginated in order, and submitted individually). PDF is required when it’s available. No links.

e.You must have a Works Cited.

f.Your paper must adhere to MLA guidelines (format and citation rules).

g.You must follow the submission guidelines for both the rough draft and final draft.  

h.Do turn your paper in on time. Late papers are not accepted, and coupons won’t work for the final assignments relating to the paper.

A word about the “other” sources:

As mentioned above, you may use one source not found in the library. While I highly recommend that you find all your sources from our academic library, I recognize that there might be some other information that’s useful.

Here are some options:

-vetted websites (signed)

-government pieces


*Obviously, you may not use abstracts, online dissertations, fiction, or blog comments.


Help is available!

Bakersfield College has wonderful librarians, and they are eager and ready to help you. The library website is listed on your syllabus, and there’s also a chat feature as soon as you get to the site. Additionally, you’ll have a (virtual) library orientation coming up in a couple of weeks. You are just getting started with academic research, and that orientation will help you get familiar with BC’s library.

Guidelines (cont’d):

3. Writing guidelines:

a. Your paper must be argumentative.

b.It should include one refutation section (minimum).

c.You are allowed to have 1-2 citations per body paragraph; avoid citation strings.

d.Grammar proficiency is expected.

e.Your draft and your final must be typed and in MLA format.

f.Have an engaging title.

g.You have the option to use a long quote once.

h.Do not go outside the confines of the U.S. Stay as local as possible, but you can have one comparison paragraph.

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