Project Management

IS 637 HW2 Project Management and Virtual Teams

 Read: Chapter 2 of the Schwalbe text Please read ONE (1) article with the Prefix “A” and one article with the prefix “B” in the homework folder in Blackboard. 

 Based on our readings thus far from the text plus the additional reading on virtual teams, discuss key points on team leadership and on working in virtual teams. 

 In your opening own words,summarize the pro’s and con’s in the context of project management. Please also write about the following: 

 1) What is your thought position on virtual teamwork? 

a. Can projects survive with this approach? 

b. What are the “key ingredients” for success? 

 c. Can Virtual Teams work with Agile PM, SCRUM etc? 

 2) How will you utilize these points in your group work?

 Cite the readings to support your position. 

Read Attached Files: 

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