Project Draft Powerpoint

Assignment: Project Draft PowerPoint Presentation Using the feedback you have received from your colleagues and Instructor and the information you gained from your literature review, expand your project outline into a complete description of your project plan or proposal. Develop your project draft into a PowerPoint presentation that you will be able to share with your stakeholder audience. Use the following general guidelines for creating your presentation: Problem statement and rationale: 2–3 slides Summary of literature review: 2–3 slides Goals for the project: 1 slide Description of the local context: 1–2 slides Activities, initiatives, or strategies to be used: 2–3 slides Deliverables or outcomes – what the project should accomplish: 1–2 slides How the project, if implemented, could be evaluated or assessed: 1–2 slides A proposed timeline that could be followed to implement the project: 1–2 slides A list of budgetary items – financial, human, or other resources – that would be needed to support the project: 1–2 slides Appendices and bibliography as needed Assignment length: 12–20 slides

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