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Powerpoint (PPT)  presentation

Assignment Description:

The student will critique using a narrated power point presentation. 

This assignment addresses the formal analysis and critique of the journal article. Additional references must be used  to support your critique position. The presentation will be voice narrated with no more than 10 slides in length, excluding title page, references page and appendix (if applicable). You may use screen-o-matic ( to narrate PPT slide for easier upload through dropbox. One submission accepted for this assignment.

Video on how to create a narrated power point:

The presentation and references must be APA format 7th ed. (current edition), using peer-reviewed journals of 5 years or less (minimum 6 references), unless there is a historical reference. Wikipedia or dictionary sites are unacceptable references. Peer-reviewed articles are located within professional organization periodicals such as American Nurse Association journal. They allow other peers to critique submitted articles. University of Memphis library link for references:

Other non-healthcare related professional journals or articles may be used. Include any conceptual models in the appendix. 
Create a slide for each heading (headings are in bold). Must have title page and reference page. 10 slides maximum excluding Title and reference page.


5% ____ Introduction

10%_____ Background of the project

45%_____ Body of the presentation must address these components:

  1. Overview/summary of article ( quantitative or qualitative research,empirical data to support article)
  2. Relevance to promoting healthcare leadership best practices
  3. Relevance to organizational growth
  4. Conceptual model/framework to support the article
  5. Translation into your practice

10% _____ Critique– what you learned from this project

5%_____  Conclusion

5% _____   APA format and reference

10% ____   Grammar, organization, construction

10%_____  voice narration for each slide of presentation

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