proactive aggression and reactive aggression


First, please read the essay requiement carefully. this is a relative paper, it is better to use first-person narration to write the story. Since I am a girl, please make sure the story fits for a girl .

Second, It is better to provide two cases. The first one is case about a proactive aggressor that u’ve met in ur life, and analyse why he/she is a proactive aggressor. The way how to analyse is the pic I sent u before. The pics are very important, please use those points in it to analyse. the second case can be the same process to analyse a reactive aggressor. 

 Third, I suggest the structure can be like this:

 1.What is proactive aggressor

 2.the experience facing with PA in ur life 

 3.why do you think he/she is a proactive aggressor , analyse his bahavior with the points in pic I sent u.

 4. what is reactive aggressor 

 5. the experience facing with RA in ur life

 6. why do you think he/she is a reactive aggressor, analyse his bahavior with the points in pic I sent u

. 7. what are the differences between these two types of aggressors. 

8. How to make interventions to these different situation.

 The structure is just a suggestion, the writer doesn’t have to follow it, but the paper is better to include those factors.  

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