Principles of Risk Management and Insurance (RMI)


 (a) To learn about risk management and insurance (RMI) in theory and in practice. 

 (b) To explore career opportunities available in the RMI industry. 

Five Components of the Project Narrative: (a total of 80 points)

 (a) 1st Component: (a subtotal of 10 points) 

       (1) Describe your understanding of risk management and insurance. 

       (2) Use the resources on the left sidebar on the home page of the Center for Risk Management and Insurance at management-insurance along with your lecture notes and textbook as to your understanding of risk, risk management, and insurance. 

(b) 2nd Component: (a subtotal of 10 points) 

       (1) Describe your understanding of the prospect and career opportunities of the RMI Industry. 

       (2) Use the resources at insurance/jobs. 

       (3) In particular, you can explore “Insurance Career Roles” to find what people in RMI do at the bar “MyPath-insurance.” Below is a link to the career wizard on the specific job that would work best for you. 

 (c) 3rd Component: (a subtotal of 20 points) 

      (1) List two questions you’d like to ask and describe what you learned from our guest speakers on 10/19 (10 points). 

      (2) List two questions you’d like to ask and describe what you learned from our guest speakers on 11/9 (10 points). 

 (d) 4th Component: (a subtotal of 10 points) 

      (a) Select one RMI company of your interest from the link in Item 3(b) above (5 points).

      (b)Describe why this company interests you and what services/products it provides (5 points). 

 (e) 5th Component: (a subtotal of 30 points) 

       (1) Explore career opportunities available from the company of your choice above and then select one entry-level job opening of your interest as a fresh college graduate (5 points). 

      (2) Describe briefly what essential duties and responsibilities a new hire will perform (5 points). 

      (3) Describe briefly what qualifications are preferred, such as knowledge, skills, and abilities (5 points).

      (4) Explain how to improve yourself in any of the preferred qualifications described above with a brief, concrete action plan (5 points). 

       (5) Justify why you are a good fit for this position with your credentials, such as work experiences, extracurricular activities, and personal accomplishments (10 points). 

 Narrative format: 

 Your narrative should contain no more than two pages of paper in length. 

(1)The report must be typed using a WORD processing program in a 12-point font, double-spaced, and with 1-inch margins all around. 

 (2)The font type should be consistent. No cover page. 

 (3)No need for additional pages of citation references if your sources are from the links above. If you use the additional source, simply put it in your narrative. 

 (4)The narrative should be in the essay-writing mode. 

You should obey the rules of grammar and have your write-up proofread. – Your writing demonstrates your correct use of grammar, your ability to form clear and compelling sentences, and your ability to choose the most appropriate words. (b)Writing grammatically correct sentences is considered crucial in my grading. Each writing error will result in a reduction of your score by 2 points.  

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