Prepare a presentation in which you offer an interpretation of one of the three literary texts you’re using for the final paper (just one, not all three). Discuss its meaning and how it relates to the other items we’ve been studying for class. I encourage you to use secondary sources from the library’s databases (not from the Internet generally), but make sure to cite them if you do. A few questions to consider (though you’re not limited to these): What does the author seem to be attempting to accomplish? What can modern readers learn from the text? How can we relate it to our lives now? How is this text similar to the other materials from the course? What is unique about this particular text? Does the text fit well with other texts from the same literary period? When I grade your presentation, I’ll be looking at your preparedness, at how effectively you present the material, and at your source citations. Try to give your presentation a logical organization that clearly guides your audience, and make sure to do the following: Introduce yourself. Don’t start by saying, “I did my presentation on …,” because you haven’t done your presentation yet! Discuss the material you’re presenting. Provide the sources you used for the presentation in MLA style (you need at least one—the text itself). Aim for about five minutes for the duration. Because this is an online class, I’m offering you three different ways to do this assignment. You choose the one you prefer or that you’re able to do:

 Option 1 Record yourself via web cam or your phone, and upload the file or link to Canvas so that I can access it. If you’d rather, you can use YouTube. PowerPoint or Prezi is optional for this delivery choice. OR Option 2 Create a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation with an audio recording of yourself narrating it (video optional). Then upload the file or the link to Canvas. Keep in mind that you want small chunks of text on each slide. OR Option 3 Create a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation with text only. Then upload the file or link to Canvas. Keep in mind that you want small chunks of text on each slide.   

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