Present a Curriculum Unit


In Module 3, you worked on developing an integrated curriculum lesson or unit that would meet the needs of your diverse students. In this module, you will develop a presentation or slide show of the curriculum plan to share with your peers (see the Learning Objects page for various presentation tools). You will share your presentation in the Module 4 Discussion Board, and provide feedback on at least one presentation of your peers. 

 Part 1: Develop Online Presentation Directions: Digital Learning Connections icon 1) Use PowerPoint or another presentation tool to develop a minimum 7-slide (or 7-section) presentation of your curriculum plan, which must include relevant images and/or graphics. Slide presentations should not exceed 11 slides. 2) Include a title slide/section with your name, course number, title, the date. Include a References slide/section. Throughout the presentation, use contrasting colors and clear, large enough to read fonts. Rather than a repetitive slide design, use slide variations. 3) Develop at least three content slides/sections, one each for: Curriculum design, Application of Bloom’s Taxonomy, and Research-based methods.

 Part 2: Reflection Directions: 1) Using at least two (2) slides/sections, write a reflection covering the following: Address what you would change about your curriculum and discuss any peer feedback given on the discussion board. Explain how your understanding and application of multicultural education and the needs of diverse learners changed as a result of this course? 2) Submit the presentation using the appropriate submission type (File Upload, Text Entry, Web URL).

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