Must be 500-600 words.. No Plagiarism. 

4 or more scholarly sources within 5 years must be utilized.

Sources must be within of 4 or more nursing resources such as Leifer book, Nursing Journals.. 

all article sources must be cited and including them in reference sheet separate. 

APA format, 12  font, 1.0″ all margins..

 This is the guidelines questions to research paper:

What is the disease?

What is signs and symptoms? 

What is the pathophysiology? 

What is treatment? 

What is diagnostic test? 

2 orders same topic:

Name: Elysee Lara

School: Unitek College

Instructor: Ming Xi Lu

2nd separate sheet cover 

Name: Eric Abcede

School: Unitek College

Instructor: Ming Xi Lu

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