Practicing with The Pentad Analysis

Choose one of the texts linked below and practice conducting a ‘Pentad Analysis.’I recommend that you watch and reference this videoLinks to an external site( for help or go back and read the assigned article that creates a Burkean pentad analysis (under the module for the Burke week). Or, you might also review the PPTs from that week.In brief: for this required discussion post, compose an individual blog-style Burkean Pentad criticism (in 4-6 paragraphs). Try to build an argument about the text by drawing upon the elements of Burke’s Pentad. That is, make a case for where the writer puts the “Ratio” (the emphasis) when trying to explain what happened in a particular situation. Then, your task is to make an argument about what that means– what are the entailments (the results or the meaning) of putting the emphasis in that place on the Pentad and not somewhere else? So you need to argue that the writer/speaker emphasizes some elements of the Pentad (provide evidence such as quotations) and then draw a conclusion. You might say the Ratio creates a text that is potentially misleading, damaging, odd, or incredible savvy. Ultimately, Kenneth Burke would say that the Ratio always reveals something and usually tells us about the writer’s motives, so you might be able to bring together the motives you detect with your interpretation.For instance, a thesis sentence could read like this: “Using Burke’s Pentad, I will argue that the writer firmly places the Ratio on Agent, focusing the blame on one person; however, this is extremely unfair. Clearly, the motive of the writer is to locate blame on a political opponent, but as I will show, the Ratio should be much wider, both for ethical reasons and practical reasons.”  5 Pointers for 5 Points:Be sure to write complete sentences.Craft a clear thesis sentence somewhere in your first paragraph telling the reader what you will argue. In this case, you will argue for where the Ratio exists and what we can learn (about the writer and/or about the larger situation).Use evidence from the text (like quotations) to support your view of where the Ratio exists. Reference Burke or the PPT or a class video for added support– to describe the pentad or the ratio.Seek to say something non-obvious as a result of the pentad analysis. Remember, in class, we talked a lot about how criticism always seeks to uncover what the average casual reader/viewer would not see at first sight.Be sure to cite the sources that you use. You can do this by by putting the author’s name and date in parentheses after the appropriate sentence. You must also include a link to the source or write out a written reference at the end of the post (See: APA formatLinks to an external site. for notes on how to references your sources).Choose only one of the following two texts to be the focus of your Pentad Criticism:  Option #1: Water crisis and water “giveaway”: to an external site.  Option #2: Tua’s injury: to an external site.  Option #3: Drunk Driving in Vegas:

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