Policy Research Paper



The purpose of this assignment is to apply what you have been doing in your policy brief assignments to an analysis of two (and only two) pieces of legislation regarding a specific topic of your choosing.  Along with a detailed introduction of the problem, the root causes of the problem, a review of the competing political interpretations of the problem, and the impacts of doing nothing, you will provide an analysis using the May, Can, Should model for both pieces of legislation that compares and contrasts the two based on identified strengths and weaknesses.      


This is best done in the following manner:


Application of the Biblical principles – when discussing the topic of the week, make sure to apply the Biblical principles discussed in question 1 of the Synthesis paper to the specific policy that you’re discussing.  How does it meet natural law, inalienable rights, federalism, etc.? Constitutional authority – what is the Constitutional authority for the federal government to get involved?  Avoid the use of the General Welfare clause as it becomes a catch-all for anything that a politician wants to get passed.


Political feasibility – what is the likelihood that the policy will become law?  What is the political and social support for the policy? Financial feasibility – what is the policy expected to do to the national debt or spending?  For example, the new COVID stimulus just put us another $2 trillion in debt but was widely supported by both politicians and the public. Practical feasibility – what are the logistical resources needed for implementation (buildings, personnel, new programs, etc.) and what are the steps for implementation (ex; the Affordable Care Act needed functional websites in order to be implemented, the lack of these created severe problems with implementation). 


Relate this back to specific Biblical and Constitutional authorities and discuss whether the policy should be supported based on this and the feasibility of implementation. The goal of this is to critically analyze a Criminal Justice policy to objectively determine if the federal government should be legitimately involved in the policy being discussed and if the policy is right for the country.    

You are expected to submit a 10-12 page paper (not including the title page, abstract, and reference page) in current APA format in which the May-Can-Should model is applied in the context of the policy focus. Be certain to emphasize a focused analysis of two specific federal policies (either already implemented or proposed) chosen from a policy concentration area of your choosing. 

You must include citations from: 

1. All the required reading presentations from Modules/Week 1–2,

 2. The course texts, and 

3. 15–20 additional scholarly sources.  

 4. Please feel free to use the link provided in the assignment resources for the purposes of additional research.  Not all the sources in this link are necessarily considered “peer reviewed” or “scholarly”, but it is a good start. 

  Please ensure that you review and follow the provided Research Paper Template found in the assignment resources. 

    Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool. Page 2 of 2  

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