physical security

Physical security is an indispensable part of cyber security. Without physical security, assets can be easily accessed by an attacker that renders all advanced cyber protections useless. In this assignment, you are to research physical security standards and practices. Do online searches and research, find out the physical security requirements and practices regarding protecting the infrastructure of data centers of big IT companies, such as AWS and Google. Physical security involves many aspects, including but not limited to, secure lighting (the use of lights); secure fencing; using of locks, gates, and windows; using of security cameras; using of security guards; using of badges/smart cards; security land scaping, etc. You need to touch at least two different physical security topics, which are not necessarily the ones mentioned above. Format and requirements are the same as in assignment 2. You need at least two references, and you submission should reflect 3 – 4 hours of work with reasonable work load.

3. The submission must be written in MS Word (if you use Mac, you can use office 365 online, using font “Calibri” and size 11. Single-space. 1 inch margin vertical and horizontal.   

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