Philip Roth, American Pastoral

Let’s imagine that you’re going to introduce Philip Roth’s American Pastoral to a student new to our class. This introduction will take the form of an annotated bibliography consisting of at least 1 primary source (i.e. American Pastoral), and at least 4 secondary sources. The primary sources will be works written/created by Philip Roth, and the secondary sources will be works that discuss Philip Roth and his work. The annotated bibliography should also include an introductory paragraph which lays out the scope and purpose of the project, including any potential limitations.The bibliography should also have a title.  At least 1 of your secondary sources must be a peer reviewed academic journal article;other sources can take other forms, but they must be relevant to both your chosen author and the annotated bibliography projectDivide sources into primary and secondary – cover all primary sources first, and then approach all secondary sourcesList sources alphabetically, as you would for an MLA Works Cited list.Each source listed will also include a 5 sentence (approx. guideline, see examples of varying lengths) annotation which will describe, analyze, and then synthesize the source. At all times the relevance between the information in the source and the purpose of the project (introducing the author to a new student) should be clear.To help you create that 5 sentence entry for secondary sources, try to answer some or all of following: What is the type of source? (i.e. academic article, interview, documentary, podcast etc.) What are the author’s main points or arguments and support/evidence? How effectively does she support her arguments; does her logic hold up, and does her prose exhibit adequate authority? How would you characterize the author’s position or stance toward the topic? What are the basic strengths and weaknesses of his arguments or perspectives? How might you use this source? Why does it appeal to you and fit in with your project?  

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