peer review

Apply skills and knowledge from the previous 4 weeks of the course to devise a logical, coherent solution to a real-world problem. Review criteria less Please start by reading the Assignment and the Assignment Rubric (files below) to guide the development of your analysis. Step-By-Step Assignment Instructions less Compile the required components into an organized, typed report, written in English, and upload it in PDF, Word or RTF format for peer review, which will determine your grade for this assignment. To pass this assignment, you must receive 75% or above. If you receive a peer review you feel is unfair, you may flag it for Coursera to review. After uploading your assignment, you will be prompted to read and evaluate three of your peers’ reports, based on the Assignment Rubric criteria. Review Criteria less Print at least one copy of the Assignment Rubric and jot down notes as you review your peers’ submissions. These notes will help you assign scores and develop clear feedback for your peers.   

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