pediatric reflection paper

Paper FormatPaper includes the following using the APA guidelines: •Title page •Length 3-4 pages •Includes citations that include referencesCorrect spelling and grammar •Reference page: Reference page should include at least 2 professional sources published within the last 5 yearsFamily Centered Care •Defined family centered careDiscussed how the student can support/advocate this principle when providing care to the pediatric client/familySettingsExplained how nursing care for the pediatric client varies between the acute and community based setting (Ex.School)Identified the challenges nurses face for both settingsCommunicationIdentified the members of the interprofessional team who the nurse collaborates with in both settings (acute care community basedDiscussed resources nurses use to care for children and families when a language barrier exists.Legal/Ethical Considerations •Discussed legal/ethical challenges that the pediatric nurse may face while providing care in either setting.Identified resources or support systems that nurses use to problem solve when faced with these challenges

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