Pediatric Bronchiolitis


– The research paper must be 500-650 words (20%)

– What is the disease? What is s/s? (10%)

– What is the pathophysiology? What is Treatment? (20%)

– What is a diagnostic test? (10%)

– APA format, 12 font, 1.0″ All margins (5%)

3 minimum or more scholarly sources within 5 years must be utilized (15%)

-Sources must be within 3 or more nursing resources, such as Leifer’s book, Nursing Journals, or Unitek College’s online library.

– All article sources must be cited and including them in a reference sheet (separate) (10%)


Kanfer, S. (1986, July 21). Heard any good books lately? Time, 113, 71-72.

Trillin, C. (1993, February 15). Culture shopping. New Yorker, pp. 48-51

Direct quotes must be cited at the end of the quote. i.e. (Kanfer, 1986).

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