Parent/child relationship

1. MLA format: header, heading, double-spaced, 12- font Times New Roman, Works Cited page and parenthetical in-text citations.

2. Four sources minimum: three primary sources (works studied in the course) and one secondary source from an academic journal 

3. Length- Three pages

4 Paper should include paraphrased supporting details and direct quotations.

5. Paper should use appropriate transitions to create flow. 

6. Proofread for correct grammar, spelling, conventions, mechanics and appropriate use of transitions.

7. Three primary sources

8. Two secondary sources

9. Properly formatted and cited direct quotes from all sources. 

Use this to help you complete research and organize your final paper. This is not for a grade, but it is a good tool to help you be certain you have included all of the criteria for the assignment.   

PART I- Research and Preparation

Name the theme your essay will explore: 

List the three primary works from the course that embodies this theme along with their MLA citations. 

                 (These may be short stories, poems, or a combination of both.)       

          Primary source MLA Citation




List the MLA citation for the secondary sources you will be using from MAGNOLIA or the Literary Reference Center. NO INTERNET articles will be accepted as a secondary source. Please review the video on how to use MAGNOLIA and cite articles, which is found in Module 2. Your paper will not be graded if you use an Internet article as a secondary source.

              Secondary source MLA citation  



PART II: Outline

Complete the outline below using the information you found in your research and theme analysis of the primary sources covered in the course. Your content should include at least one direct quote from each primary source and each secondary source.   

I. Introduction

    A. Introduce and define the theme and how it connects to literature in general. 

    B. Thesis: Include a well-crafted thesis statement that names the theme and the three works to be analyzed in your essay. (The thesis should be the last sentence of the first paragraph.) (NOTE: Do not use direct quotes in your introduction.)  

 II. Body Paragraphs- (The number of body paragraphs will be determined by you and your content. Remember you need to fill three pages.)

      A. Topic sentence: Name the theme in the first primary source (poem, short story or play). Include the title and the author of the work in the topic sentence. 

    B. Explain how the theme is used and provide direct quotes as textual support. 

     C. Include a discussion on your secondary source along with a quote from that source.

         (Use at least one quote from each secondary source.) 

III. Conclusion- Revisit the theme and main ideas overall along with the works used. Do not re-write the introduction or the thesis.  

       Leave the reader with a lasting impression about the use of theme in the three primary works. 

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