Organic Disorders and Intellectual Disability. Mock Ethics Application

Organic Disorders and Intellectual Disability Mock Ethics Application The aim of completing a mock ethics application is for you to experience what it is like to apply for ethical approval for a primary study. This is a research skill that you may require for the dissertation stage and we hope to give you experience that can be applied for example, if you need to submit an ethics application to another governing body like the NHS or your countries equivalent. Assignment Topic: The population that you will be investigating are university students with epilepsy and you will be looking to investigate how their condition can affect their student life. Please use the application form for Cardiff University’s School of Medicines Research Ethics Committee (SMREC) for this assignment (see intranet link below). You will also need to include a research project proposal and appendices with the application that covers everything that the participants of your study may see, i.e. any instruments (e.g., interview questions, questionnaires, etc.), consent forms, information sheets/briefs and debriefs. In your application, you will need to justify the reasons for any chosen instrument, and you will need to include references to relevant research to back up the rationale for the study. For the development of the ethics application, please:  Refer to School of Medicine Research Ethics Committee (SMREC) guidance

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