Online Survey of Operating Systems

Scenario 5-3: Changing Print Drivers You have a new Canon printer. Unfortunately, it did not come with any drivers. So, you visit the Canon website and download the driver. You then print the document, but the printed page contains what looks like programming code. When other users try to print, their documents do not print. Describe your recommended solution. Scenario 5-4: Using Cloud Services The sales and marketing department at your company consists of two salespeople, a graphic designer, a copywriter, and a layout person. Tonya and Aaron are the salespeople. Tonya is responsible for the western United States and Aaron covers the eastern United States. They tend to use the same files for all sales presentations, client follow-ups, and so on. When one modifies a template, it’s important that the other gets the updated file as soon as possible. The marketing employees share several Word documents and PowerPoint presentations, in addition to a large folder of graphical images. It’s important for them to have shared access to a Marketing folder that contains the shared files. What should you do to help the sales and marketing employees work more efficiently? 3-4pages in length (excluding cover page, and reference list) Follow the APA 7th edition format, Use the APA 7 template

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