Octavia Butler: Pioneer of Science Fiction

The required elements: Your paper should contain the following elements. Specific content for each section was outlined BY YOU in Assignment 3: The Outline. Be sure to incorporate any feedback I gave you on the outline in particular.

Start with an introduction: this should be 3-5 sentences that summarize the main idea behind your essay. You will identify which topic you selected and make your main point.

Next you move into the body of your essay. Here you will write 4-5 paragraphs that outline specific evidence supporting your main point. You need at least one paragraph on each of the content sections you identified in your outline. Remember there were 2 required content sections identified in the outline directions: connection with society and underrepresented populations.

Finally, wrap it all up in a nice conclusion. This will be 3-5 sentences that summarizes your main point and evidence. Do not just repeat your introduction or use exact sentences from your body paragraphs.

Finish with references in APA formatting. Refer to feedback on your Assignment 2: Annotated Bibliography for any helpful advice on APA formatting.

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