Observation Social Divisions in Youth Sport Field Notes


For this assignment, you will spend time observing a youth sport practice or competition, either in-person or virtual*. While observing the event, keep detailed notes about the activities, rules, and exchanges on the field/in the gym/pool/court, etc.; as well as about interactions between coaches, players, and parents. As you observe, select the type of social division that is most important in this context, and continue to write down detailed observations illustrating why. Immediately after the activity, analyze your field notes by drawing conclusions about how the social division you focused on shapes interaction in this space. 

 Here is an exampleLinks to an external site. of the type of field notes I would take when conducting ethnographic research. Also, here is a templateLinks to an external site. you can fill out and turn in. Please make a copy of the Google Doc, and save it to your own Google Drive with a different name. 

 * If you are unable to visit a public playground or park, the college rec center, a high school practice or game, or a sports club, etc., you can observe a youth sports event online. Go to YouTube and search for the youth sport of your choice. 

The template example: 


You can follow the same tempelate: 


Date of observation: 

 Sport/physical activity observed: 

Organization sponsoring event: 

 Type of event: (practice, game, showcase?) 

 Location of event: Age of participants: 

Gender of participants: Social division you’re focusing on: 

 Description of context: 

 Field Notes: 

 Analysis/Key Insights: 

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