nursing mental health

please my state is california usa and use peer review journal or article within 5 years for references  JOURNAL . American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) is currently the only option for PMHNPs to obtain the national certification as a PMHNP-BC (across the lifespan). Board certification is not a requirement in all the states for the NP license, but malpractice insurance providers and many health care facilities may require NP board certification as a prerequisite to grant privilege to practice. You are to write 4 pages double spaced scholarly paper using APA FORMAT 1. Page 1-Cover page 2. Page 2-3, Body of the paper 3. Page 4- Reference Page Examine and describe the PMHNP practice restrictions/limitations in your state. Describe a clinical practice or professional issues with the licensure and certification. Research reimbursement rates for various treatment modalities. Compare NP rates to other provider rates. Develop your roadmap (checklist) for passing the national certification exam. Provide a detailed timeline that include study plan, registration and any financial preparation.

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