Nike Marketing Plan Research Essay

Role: You are a marketing team within a prestigious marketing firmAudience: Your boss, the Marketing DirectorFormat: Word DocumentTask: Your supervisor has assigned your team a large, well-known client. He wants your team to conduct a situational analysis of the company and provide him with a report as soon as possible.Your Research Assignment 2 must have the following elements:Include a title page that states your name, the marketing agency’s name, the assignment title, the date composed, and a word count. Include some visual components (creative, graphs, etc.)APA citation style, including in-text citations. Provide an Analysis of Primary Competition (include a comparison and contrast with the company). How is the company different or unique from its competitors?Analysis of Consumer. Who is this company’s target market?Who is the company’s target audience? Why?In your analysis, be sure to discuss characteristics of your audience (geographic, sociographic, psychographic, demographic, behavioral)Provide a buyer’s personaOutline the primary problem which the marketing strategy will address. What gap will the marketing campaign seek to fulfill?— I included my Research 1 assignment. It’s the same company so it will be great if you could relate and take a look to that. Because we gonna present them together. Thank you.

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