New Religious Movement Research Paper

Choose an NRM (New Religious Movement) or some other religious/ideological tradition that we did notcover thoroughly in class and write a minimum 1,300 word research paper on the religion that you havechosen (roughly 5 pages double spaced). Your paper should be double-spaced, standard font; standardmargins, pages numbered, and in MLA, APA or Chicago Style formatting!. I look forward to seeing what religious traditions you choose. Please be sure to include the following in your paper:1. Who founded your religion? (One person, a small inner circle, God, divine force, etc., ?)2.How long has it been an active?3. What sacred texts does it recognize? (A central sacred text, a set of texts, texts from othertraditions, secondary texts, etc., ?) 4.What are some significant events for this movement/tradition? (News worthy stories, significantpoints of history it interprets in a unique way, large gatherings, etc., ?) 5.What beliefs, doctrines, tenets, values or ideals does it have? (Rules, theology, philosophy, viewsregarding salvation, an eminent end or a denial of an eminent end, heaven, hell, super humanbeings, etc., ?) 6.What myths, stories or narratives does it have? (Central story regarding deity, founder, creation ofthe world, pantheon of divine beings, etc., ?) 7.What ritual practices does it have? (Ceremonial, mystical, meditative, prayer, pilgrimage, largegatherings, etc., ?) 8.What social values or social implications does this tradition have on its adherents and the world atlarge? (What must they do to be a good practitioner, what social traits are desirable andundesirable, etc., ?) 9. How does it view its relationship to the world? (Hostile, embracing, transcendent, lukewarm, etc.?) Don’t pick these religions :Indigenous religion Hinduism  Zoroastrian  Jainism Buddhism Sikhism Judaism Christianity  Islam  Confucianism, Daoism and Shinto  

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