New innitiative for a brand/company

I would like the assignment to be 7-8 pages 1.5 space with 11pt font, no need for citation. this is a copy and paste from my assignment description provided by my prof:


– To conclude the course by applying the key tools and concepts you have learned.

– To show that you have not just learned about the concepts in marketing principles, but that you can work with them in a real-world situation.

– To show that you can exercise sound judgment in evaluating marketing opportunities/threats.

For the project, you will research and analyze a brand/company and propose a new initiative for the brand/company. The new initiatives can be entering a new market/new customer segment, introducing a new product, or improving the brand’s current practices to address certain issues, i.e., competitive threats. You are expected to submit a final course project report on the last day of class. You need to make sure to propose a new initiative that the company/brand has not yet conducted. Your report needs to add value to the company/brand existing practices.


You are expected to follow the sequence of course map to complete your report. A good format for this would be:

– Background & New Initiative

    – The company and its strategy

     – New initiative you propose and rationale

– SWOT Analysis

– Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

– 4Ps analysis

– Conclusions

– Recommendations & Implementations of your new initiative(s)

Your grade of the final report will depend on:

– Did you exercise sound judgment in evaluating marketing opportunities/threats?

– How carefully did you define the issues/opportunities (i.e., new initiatives)? Did you capture the essence of the situation? Does the new initiative you propose make sense?

– Did you present your story in a compelling way?

– Did you develop an appropriate segmentation, targeting, and positioning strategy?

– Did you develop an actionable and meaningful marketing mix plan?

– Did you draw reasonable conclusions from your analysis?

– Were your recommendations appropriate?

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