Neurons: The Matter of the Mind

(Using Chapter 7 of your textbook or Powerpoint notes) Completely answer the following: 

 Name any 5 structural parts specific to neurons and describe their specific function. 

Do not name common organelles or cell structures such as nucleus (or nucleolus), mitochondria, golgi complex, endoplasmic reticulum, lysosomes, peroxisomes, ribosomes, vacuoles, centrioles, cell membrane, etc. You must describe structural parts that are unique and specific to neurons — no neurotransmitters or synapse. 

Sketch a basic motor neuron (by hand or using the computer) and directly label the 5 different structural parts of the neuron you described in the first question. 

Your parts should have a line or arrow going right to them. Take a picture of your drawing and upload it to the Discussion Board. If you sketch using the computer, just upload the file of your drawing.

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