Read this article “Netflix Disrupted Entertainment With Binge Viewing. Now Can It Avoid Disruption Itself? ” , do additional research and respond to these questions:

1/  How would you describe the basic strategy of Netflix? How has Netflix differentiated itself from other streaming content providers? 

2/ Who are Netflix’s rivals? How have the rivals of Netflix differentiated themselves in turn?

3/ Looking at the data in the article and the embedded video, how big of a crisis is Netflix actually facing? Is this a minor crisis requiring a few little adjustments? Or do you see a major crisis looming that requires Netflix to take radical action?

4/ What do you think the top strategic priority of Netflix should be now? There are many steps that Netflix is pondering, what is the one major strategy adjustment that you would advocate for Netflix right now? Discuss your rationale. 

 Also, comment on at least one classmate’s post

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