Murder in Mesopotamia Analysis

You may read Murder in Mesopotamia, that is the default book for this assignment. However, ask me if you want to read a different detective novel, just so I know what you are doing. Your assignment is to analyze plot devices, character development and other literary aspects which a novel uses to a) propel the crime and detection of it, b) create memorable, complex characters, c) answer larger questions about the relationship of detective fiction to society. The purpose of this assignment is to understand a detective fiction novel in its social, historical and literary context and to be able to offer some comparisons with other stories in the same genre. This should be a minimum of 6-12 pages . Use Chicago citations, in footnotes and add a bibliography (at the end) with authors in alphabetical order at the end of the document. Be sure to proofread your spelling and grammar. Your grade will be based on grammar, spelling, punctuation, but also the logical order of your essay, and how well you give evidence for your argument with sources- particularly primary sources. You MUST quote from primary sources (the novel, particularly) and MAY quote from additional secondary sources. You may want to think whether a source is credible, whether it is biased (ad in what ways—lots of sources are based- but it’s important to know in what ways), what it adds to the discussion. You should have at least four sources, at least one primary and three secondary source. A main goal of this assignment is to look for good sources, decide what is a good source, identify the strengths/weaknesses and biases of sources, use the source, quote from the source and cite the source.

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