Moving to Solution and Climate Change Policy

During Section 2 of the course we pivot from the science basis for climate change and forestry to the policy context. We examined the original concepts of multi-lateral environmental agreements, and then focused on the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change as the relevant MEA for us. Within that MEA we looked at the REDD+ framework and examined it in detailed, providing an overview of its basic elements (e.g. Scope elements and the three “pillars” of a National Forest Monitoring System). We briefly reviewed the problem of deforestation and forest degradation, and aspects of funding and carbon financial markets. Together these pieces constitute a package of policies and tools available to solve the climate change problem.For this Completion Assignment you are to submit a paper or a presentation. Your charge, assignment, is as follows:President Joe Biden and VP Kamala Harris campaigned on a platform of re-entering the Paris Agreements from COP 21, and an aggressive climate change mitigation Plan. However, his Plan does not consider the role of forests and forest policy in much detail, yet we know it is a central component to the Paris Agreements and the US position with respect to mitigation, adaptation, REDD+, and carbon funds and carbon financial markets. Your task as a newly appointed expert on the Transition Team is to build out a solid program for forest policy related to climate change, with a convincing strategy for thenew administration. Use all materials provided in Section 2, and include elements of Multinational Environmental Conventions, principles of The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, the REDD+ framework, both mitigation and adaptation aspects (e.g. emissions reductions, Forest Landscape Restoration, Climate Smart Agriculture), and funding mechanisms (eg. Green Climate Fund, carbon markets).Here is some specific guidance. I want you to begin with an introductory paragraph or slide that reviews the science rationale taken from condensed points from Section 1. This should be followed by a paragraph or slide on the background for policy, i.e. the role of Multi-lateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs). Then produced the recommend plan and strategy with a focus on convincing you other members of the Transition Team. Please be sure to focus only on the forestry aspects – do not get into a side tangent on energy aspects.As before you have two ways to produce the CA: 1) as a Powerpoint presentation or 2) as a short paper. As a Powerpoint presentation you should have about 12-15 slides with audio narration. The slides should be well done and informative – like a professional briefing. I have a guide for this posted on D2L. If you opt for a paper it should be 4-5 pages single spaced – which is about 500 words per page, or 2,000-2,500 total words. You should use Times Roman font, 11 or 12 point. Be sure you have a title and your name on it. It should be submitted in MS Word format or PDF Format. You submit your CA in the Dropbox found in Section 2 of the course in D2L.117106712 hours ago hours ago hours ago hours ago hours ago hours ago hours ago hours ago hours ago hours ago hours ago hours ago hours ago hours ago hours ago hours ago hours ago hours ago hours ago hours ago hours ago

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