Module 5 Infographic

1. Apply psychological theories, processes, and concepts to human behavior. 

 2. Demonstrate critical thinking skills applied to psychological phenomena  

Create an infographic that outlines five major concepts of the unit. Each concept must have an accurate definition and at least one example of how the concept applies to your personal life and experiences. The infographic should demonstrate clear and accurate knowledge, in detail, of the primary concepts within the module. Rather than take a traditional test/quiz of your content knowledge, this is a chance to have fun with this, be creative, and explore how the main concepts are important to you personally.

There are a number of free infographic makers available online you are welcome to use, however here I recommend Canva. After creating a free profile, you can choose from free infographic templates. Save the infographic as a PDF or JPG and upload it to this submission box.  

The Five Major Concepts Are: 

open the files

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