Module 3 Assignment: Evaluating Performance Management Systems

Week 7: Performance Management Systems in Healthcare OrganizationsConsider a system or systems that you know well. Obvious examples are the systems of the human body that you address in your work as a nurse. What defines a system and makes it unique? How do the parts that make up a system function together?Applying an understanding of systems to performance management is the focus of this week. You will explore why performance management matters and how to give it priority within a healthcare organization. Doing so includes counting the benefits of a performance management system that functions well—and what is lost when a system is failing.This week, you will complete your Module 3 Assignment as you analyze and summarize your interview with a nurse executive on the performance management system within that professional’s healthcare organization. A clear perspective on the purpose and goals of performance management, as well as how components may be executed in a healthcare setting, will aid you in considering how to assess and improve a performance management system.Learning ObjectivesStudents will:Explain the concept of performance management in a healthcare settingEvaluate performance management systems in healthcare organizationsExplain the impact of technology integration on performance management systemsEvaluate strategies to improve employee performance and retention, including performance appraisal systems, coaching, training and developmentNote: You began this Assignment in Week 5 and it will be due by Day 7 of Week 7. Plan your time accordingly.Depending on how you have planned and organized your interview tasks, you may be well into summarizing your conversation with your nurse executive interviewee or beginning that process. Keep in mind the goal of understanding performance management as a system as you reflect on the information you have gathered. As needed, follow up by phone or e-mail to clarify answers and conclusions. If time allows, you may ask the interviewee to review a rough draft of your interview summary, to ensure that you captured the individual’s intent.To Prepare:Consider how you would summarize the interview to provide a thorough description of the performance management system.Consider strengths and weaknesses of the system, as described by the interviewee, and from your own analysis.Review the Learning Resources for support in evaluating this performance management system and strategies for addressing its weaknesses. Assignment:Finalize the Module 3 Assignment Part 1, Interview Matrix Summary, and Part 2, Interview Reflection. By Day 7 of Week 7Submit your Assignment Parts 1 and 2, plus the Interviewee Profile and Confirmation Signature page, in three separate Word files. 

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