Module 2 – Analyzing Workforce Plans


Please visit the Texas State Auditor’s Office’s list of workforce plans.

Click here to access to the Texas State Auditor’s Office’s list of workforce plans

Or you can copy the following link and paste in your web browser:

The list provides workforce plans provided by all state departments.

Please open at least two agencies’ workforce plans and examine them. You can pick any agency from the list.

  1. What agencies did you choose and why?
  2. How long are the plans? Are there enough details provided in them? (Some plans are long and detailed (30+ pages) while some others are brief (4 pages). )
  3. What sections are included in each report?
  4. What information does each section provide? You don’t have to summarize each section. You can simply analyze what specific information is provided in each section (e.g. employee demographics, employee tenure and turnover, agency’s mission & vision, its future direction, potential challenges)
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