Module 1- Discussion Forum

Module 1- Discussion Forum Discussion Forum- Module 1  Students’ participation in the discussion forum is an important component of this class. Discussion forum questions are designed to enhance critical thinking. Student responses should be respected, and inappropriate comments to the discussion forum will not be tolerated. Discussion forums have been created for each of the modules. Students will be required to post 3 comments to the forum for each module, first providing an individual response to the forum question…and then providing two responses to other student posts. All three posts must be made for any points to be earned for a discussion forum. Students will have a specific amount of time available to post to the forum. After the module’s due date, the forum will be closed to further postings. Students are encouraged to post initial comments, and then respond to other students postings as the discussion progresses.  To initiate your discussion forum, provide a response to the following question:  Consider the Medical Model vs. the Crime Control Model. Which of these models do you support as the most accurate and effective for the contemporary corrections environment? Why?  Following your initial post, provide a minimum of two additional posts which respond to the other student posts in the forum

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