Module 1 Assignment 1: Culturally Responsive Teaching

Module 1 Assignment 1: Culturally Responsive Teaching Instructions Part 1: Teaching and Cultural Awareness 1. Choose a video or article from the webpage: Edutopia. (2019). Culturally Responsive Teaching. Retrieved from Provide a brief summary of the video or article, 2-3 takeaways, and any other relevant information that stood out to you based on the video. Part 2: Defining Diversity Enid Lee, director of Enidlee Consultants Inc., a Toronto-based consultancy dedicated to anti-racist education organization change, once said in an interview: “I have met some teachers who think that just because they have kids from different races and backgrounds, they have a multicultural classroom. Bodies of kids are not enough” (Au, 2014). What does diversity look like in a classroom? What can teachers do to encourage, value, and promote diversity and multiculturalism? Instructions: Your assignment should respond to the questions posed (1-2 pages). Your assignment should be completed in Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spaced. Please use at least 2 appropriate connections to reading materials or other resources you may find. Please include a reference list at the end.  Plagiarism Policy: National Louis University subscribes to the principle that academic quality and a productive learning environment are inextricably linked to academic honesty. Please read the NLU Policy on Academic Honesty, which can be found in the National Louis Policy Handbook on pages 12-15. You can download and save this document for future reference. By clicking the “Submit” button, your commitment to academic honesty as a student will be recorded.  

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