milestone three digital marketing

 Prompt: For Milestone Three of the final project, you should provide a 2–3 page statement that focuses on the business challenge, concept, and goals of your digital marketing plan. This milestone is due in Module Five. In your statement, include the following critical elements:  Business Challenge: Restate the business challenge for the product, brand, or service you selected and why it exists. Describe these challenges in terms of your client’s overall marketing strategy and current marketing initiatives. Provide examples from your audience audit and other research data to support your opinion.  Marketing Concept: Describe two concepts for your client for your digital marketing campaign. One concept should be for any digital tactic, such as a website, microsite, mobile application, search engine marketing campaign, search engine optimization initiative, programmatic display advertising, etc. The second concept is for a social media campaign. Describe your ideas and how they fit into your overall strategy. Do your concepts have a purpose? What is their significance in the overall marketing strategy? How do they fit the audience profile, which you studied and identified in Milestone One? Describe what channels you will use to push these ideas through and why. Include how the concepts relate to each other and how they fit into the overall marketing strategy.  Campaign Goals: Describe at least two goals for this campaign. Make sure that the goals are SMART—specific, measurable, achievable, results- focused, and time-bound.  Metrics: Recommend metrics for this project, which will ensure its success and will help you validate whether you are on your way to achieving your overall campaign goals. Explain why you feel these metrics are appropriate. Provide reasons and examples based on your research.  Samples: Include at least four samples of social media and digital content, including screenshots, examples of tweets, picture captions, hashtags, or any media or media strategy that relates to your concepts and how they will be executedthis is a continuation of a project I have included the first two milestones for reference01:47 please make sure to include two example of the social media in it01:48 company is jet blue01:48Hello, I am working on your order, Thank you01:48 Noted01:48  yes and please read first two milestones for context thank you nic

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