Midterm report 3

Cover pages and photos do not count as pages. So this order’s requirement is 8 pages, make sure you wrote at least 2200 words.Double Space- 12- Times New Romans- APA7th (In-text citation requires)The purpose of the mid-term is to get you reflecting about global issues in the context of International Business. AGAIN: The only rule is you need to tie your content to international business, globalization and or you as a global citizen.Using the concept of photography and or artwork, students will select a portfolio of published photographs, art work and or your own photos to illustrate global issues, challenges or just simply themes. By reflecting on these visual content, you and or your team write a reflective paper on what you see, how you feel and your perspectives of global issues and implications for the role of business in relation to the selected theme(s).  This is an “open” project – there is no set rules. Minimum number of photos/ art pieces or illustrations is 1 Please check Upload file “Midterm Assignment- Reflexive Essay Past sample.docx”, it is past sample.

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