mid term a critical thinking essay

For the essay , please follow the following link to a webpage that explains eleven new California laws in one minute each. “Eleven new California laws for 2022, explained in one minute” You are going to choose ONE of the new laws highlighted in this article and explain your position. This is NOT an agree/disagree essay, it needs to evaluate why you feel the way you do about the particular law. Although you may choose to take a position, the purpose of the essay is to explain how and why it is a significant issue to you. Do you think the law you have chosen is built on group centered thinking? Is there a logical fallacy the lawmakers are buying in to? Or was there a logical fallacy that has been disproved and now the outcome is the existence of this new law? Is bias coming into play? If so, how? Are there other terms we have learned about that better explain the laws? How does your own connection to this law color your perception? And how does Liberalism fit into it all? Bring ideas like this together in an essay that demonstrates synthesis of information as you can write coherently about complicated, multi-faceted issues. As we have previously discussed, when it comes to critical thinking the answers are not usually straight-forward. You can’t write a five-paragraph essay about one of these laws and have that fulfill the requirements for this assignment. You are going to have to go deeper, to demonstrate the complexities that contribute to your position. You are going to have to incorporate the kinds of intersections I have listed above. First, you must research the law more fully than your one minute video understanding provides. Next, find evidence (in the form of data or nonfiction stories, or legal explanations) that will explain how this law came to be and will therefore drive your argument. If your argument is that you are wholly against the law, make sure to credibly dismantle the law. Perhaps you will discover there is an ethical argument behind the law and you will use the ethics to contribute to the development of your essay. There are so many ways to put together a great essay that demonstrates critical thinking. No formula will get you there. As to the structure of your writing: your essay must be thesis-driven; the essay must summarize the law you are discussing, coherently establish a central idea, construct logical arguments, and use a specific rhetorical strategy to demonstrate an organized evaluation of the chosen law with a distinction made between information presented that is factual, opinion, or belief-based. You must follow MLA conventions for formatting, to include in-text citations. You must write at least three full pages and include a Works Cited Page (not included in the three-page requirement). You must incorporate at least one outside source and the inclusion of this source should be integral to your essay’s success (not strictly evidence in support of your opinion). Expect to spend a minimum of nine hours on this assignment. It’s possible it will take you much longer, so don’t wait until the last minute.

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