Micro Mod 4 case study 5. Total questions

1. Is the structure of DNA and replication of the DNA basically the same or basically different in bacteria and eukaryotes? Would a plant be able to replicate Bacterial DNA that was inserted in to the plant genome?

2. Review the basic process of transcription in bacteria and in eukaryotes. Prepare a statement for Mr. Rawley that addresses the basic molecular process of transcription. Note if the process in bacteria is basically the same or basically different in eukaryotes.

1. If the nucleotides in the gene were changed as indicated in the mistake sequence, what type of mutation would this be? Explain.

2. The DNA shown is the + strand of the double stranded DNA that makes up the crygene. What would the mRNA sequence be when the minus strand DNA is transcribed? Give the first 33 bases. What would the amino acid sequence be when the mRNA is translated? Give the first 10 amino acids.

3. How is the protein product of this DNA different from the Bt toxin that would be made if the gene did not have a mutation? Make a prediction as to the functionality of this protein compared to Bt toxin

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