MGT Assessment


Reflect on a recent team experience in your work, or outside of work, and address the following questions. Please copy and paste the questions in your document and place your answers beneath:

1) First, very briefly describe the team you were part of so that I can get a sense of sense: include the size of team, the purpose and goal of the team, and the time frame. Choose an experience that did not go perfectly well.

2) Rate your group’s Communication Effectiveness on each of the team measures, below, on a scale of 1 (Not Well) to 5 (Very Well). Please list these as bullet points along with the scale/score. For example:

Define or clarify the task = 3

Define or clarify the task

Exchange and share information

Encourage expression of various points of view

Evaluate and analyze data

Use the best decision-making approach (consensus, majority rule, etc.)

Focus on tasks, not individuals

Demonstrate respect for all

Encourage feedback Encourage expression of opinion

Build on others’ ideas

Ask for clarification of ideas

Demonstrate equality

Address disagreements or misunderstandings

Stay on task

3) Describe the top two strengths and top two weaknesses of your team and give one example each.

4) What was an area of strength that you brought to the group? An area where you could have improved?

5) When you are in a group and you see some of the weakness that you mentioned above, what can you do?




Hi thank you for taking my assignment. I currently work as a cage cashier at Aria Resort. It can be tailored to that, or something outside of that, but it would need to be relevant to the topic. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.

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